The US authorities have named the reason for the failure of Facebook

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The US authorities have named the reason for the failure of Facebook

The US authorities commented on the failure of social networks Instagram and Facebook. In an article for The Washington Post, the head of the Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Agency (CISA) of the United States, Jen Easterly, stated that he was not involved in the hacker attack, reports TASS.

According to her, the cause of the failure was a configuration error, a technological failure. Easterly stressed that her department, which is part of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has been closely monitoring the situation.

Earlier, the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, assessed the impact of the global disruption of social networks on the messenger. Durov said that against the background of the failure in Facebook and other social networks, which occurred on October 4, Telegram saw a record increase in the number of registrations and user activity. According to him, in one day the messenger had 70 million new users.

The disruption of the social network Facebook on October 4 was the most serious and long-lasting since 2008. Problems also affected Instagram, WhatsApp and other popular platforms. Only six hours later, the services were restored. A dynamic routing protocol update was blamed for the failure.

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