The US called for joint exercises in Europe to demonstrate Putin’s seriousness

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Republican McCall called for exercises in the EU to demonstrate to Russian Leader Putin the seriousness

В США призвали к совместным учениям в Европе для демонстрации Путину серьезности

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Republican member of the US House of Representatives Michael McCaul called for joint exercises in the EU (Baltic States, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria) to demonstrate to Russian President Vladimir Putin the “seriousness” of intentions against the background of the situation around Ukraine. This is reported by the CBS TV channel, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the politician, Putin does not see that the United States is serious, and therefore there is an increase in the number of military personnel in Europe. According to McCall, it all started with Afghanistan and unconditional surrender to the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). “When he saw weakness, and weakness provokes aggression,” he said.

McCall also expressed the opinion that US President Joe Biden often made concessions to the Russian leader, so Putin feels the weakness of his American counterpart.

Biden previously stated that the United States does not intend to reduce its military presence in Europe. Answering the question whether Russia and the United States can discuss the issue of reducing the number of American troops in Eastern Europe, Biden said that the United States intends to increase the number of troops in Romania and other countries if Russian President Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine.

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