The US called the condition for progress in negotiations with Russia

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State Department: progress in negotiations with the Russian Federation can be achieved with a realistic position of Moscow

The US called a condition for progress in negotiations with Russia

Photo: Anton Vaganov / Reuters

Progress in negotiations with Russia can only be achieved if Moscow is realistic, said a senior US State Department official. RIA Novosti reports.

“We believe that there are areas in which progress can be made if Russia is realistic,” the State Department spokesman said.

Earlier, White House spokesman Jen Psaki refused to comment on the outcome of future negotiations with Russia at a briefing. She stressed that the White House does not intend to predict the outcome of the US-Russian security talks. Psaki added that she had previously spoken about the expectations of the American side from this dialogue.

On January 10, negotiations between Russia and the United States will begin in Geneva. On January 12, a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council will take place in Brussels, and on January 13, a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna.

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