The US State Department ordered diplomats to leave Kiev

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The US State Department ordered diplomats who do not occupy critical positions to leave Kiev

The US State Department ordered diplomats to leave Kiev

Photo: Gleb Garanich / Reuters

The US Embassy in Ukraine said the United States State Department has ordered non-critical diplomats to leave Kiev. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

At the same time, it is specified that the main part of the team of the diplomatic mission will continue to work in the Ukrainian capital, despite the reduction in staff.

According to the embassy, such a decision had to be made due to reports of an increase in the number of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, which “indicate the possibility of hostilities.”

Earlier, the Associated Press reported on the plans of the US State Department to evacuate the US embassy in Kiev. A limited number of diplomats may be transferred to western Ukraine so that the United States can maintain a diplomatic presence in the country, according to United States officials.

On February 11, the British Foreign Office announced the removal of ambassadors and urged its citizens to refrain from traveling to Ukraine.

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