The US threatened Russia with the “strongest” sanctions over Ukraine


Kamala Harris: the United States is ready to impose the “strongest” sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

The US threatened Russia with the

Kamala Harris. Photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters

US Vice President Kamala Harris has threatened Russia with new, “strongest” sanctions, which have not yet been, because of the situation in Ukraine. RIA Novosti reports.

In an interview with CBS television, answering the question of whether there will be a “hot war in Europe” in the next few weeks, Harris said that Washington “makes it very clear that Russia should not encroach on Ukraine's sovereignty” and defends its territorial integrity.

According to Harris, the United States is coordinating its position with its allies and “made it very clear that it is ready to apply sanctions that you have not seen before.”

Earlier, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that if an armed conflict breaks out on the border between Russia and Ukraine, the European Union will consider Moscow to be the culprit and will tighten sanctions against it. The politician also threatened the Russian side with “unprecedented measures” if it takes “aggressive actions” against the Ukrainian side.

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