The USA announced the beginning of the second wave of “panic purchases”

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The USA announced the beginning of the second wave of

As COVID-19 cases rise, Americans have begun stocking up on food and essentials again.

The level of “panic purchases” has not yet reached the spring level, but retailers are preparing for a shortage of the most popular goods.

According to experts, the purchasing behavior of citizens of the country has undergone significant changes due to the fact that the majority of US residents are forced to spend more time at home, as well as to eat outside catering establishments.

The decline in shopping trips has led people to spend more money getting out of the house – the average grocery bill has increased by 17% since the beginning of the year and now stands at about $ 190 per week.

At the same time, there is an increase in demand for hygiene items, canned food and frozen foods, which causes their shortage. Store owners try to ensure that the most sought-after products are available, but this is not always possible. In addition, the strategy of replenishing store shelves has also changed: if earlier goods were delivered only as they were consumed, now everyone is trying to fill the warehouses in advance.

– Grocery stores and food retailers are stockpiling groceries to prepare for yet another wave of COVID-19 shopping. Retailers have learned key lessons from the pandemic. Customers will be loyal, even if you don't have specific products (skinless chicken legs, meat marinated in lime), but you must have the bare essentials (chicken breasts), ”said Edward McLaughlin, professor of food management at Cornell University.

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