The USA will buy weapons produced in the USSR

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The USA will buy weapons produced in the USSR

The USA will purchase weapons and ammunition produced in the USSR. This is stated in the document read by RT.

It will be used for purposes aimed at “supporting the national military strategy” for the activities of the Pentagon and other structures. The agency plans to use weapons for training, including for the “development of skills in handling enemy weapons.”

The United States will purchase, in particular, aircraft missiles, mortar weapons systems and their components, small and medium caliber ammunition, and so on. The procurement contract will be valid for five years. The United States will be able to order weapons for 4.1 billion units of special ammunition and weapons systems (SSSV) from several suppliers at once.

In September 2019, the United States recalled the USSR's weapon capable of conquering the world – the Soviet VA-111 Shkval complex with an M-5 high-speed submarine missile (torpedo missile). Its main feature is the speed of 300 kilometers per hour developed under water, which is ensured by the use of a solid-fuel jet engine and the creation of a cavitation cavity (vapor bubble) around the rocket moving under water.

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