The video showed how the Xiaomi robotic dog would look in the modification for the war

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The video showed how the Xiaomi robotic dog would look in the modification for the war

More than a week ago, Xiaomi suddenly announced a robotic dog in the style of those created by Boston Dynamics. The enthusiasts decided to fantasize about the new robotic dog of the Chinese giant and showed CyberDog in a modification for the war.

You can watch this process step by step in this video. According to sources, it took the authors about a month to implement such a prototype.

As you can see, the enthusiasts added several plastic guns to the top of the robot, due to which it became more aggressive. Apparently, the authors were inspired during the creation of the mod by the cyberpunk style, perhaps even by the game of the same name.

Recall that several earlier in Xiaomi admitted that selling the CyberDog robot will be practically at a loss. Vice-president of the company Chang Cheng told about it.

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