The war has a price, – the oppositionist on how ordinary Russians experience it


War has a price, – oppositionist on how ordinary Russians experience it

The Russian government makes all the decisions that divide society. They will hit the minds of the Russian people and hit the wallet of the Russian people.

About this Channel 24said the Russian opposition journalist, editor of The Insider Timur Olevsky. He suggested that the current situation could lead to the disintegration of Russia.

Russian media have reported that the Moscow City Court has liquidated Russia's human rights organization, the Moscow Helsinki Group. The State Duma also passed a law allowing deputies not to make their income declarations public.

Consequences of Russian decisions

Olevsky noted that when information about the income of deputies was in the public domain, the Russians knew about the size of the wealth of deputies earned illegally. myth-making will begin to appear about how incredibly rich they are, what incredible castles they have, how forbidden sweet and unknown this life is, the journalist emphasized.

He is convinced that such myth-making will lead to a large stratification that exists in dictatorial regimes, which Putin is now creating. p>

Olevsky on the consequences of the regime for Russia: watch the video

The Russians felt the cost of war

The oppositionist said that the Russians are already beginning to suffer. In Russia, prices for consumer goods increased several times: from medicine to food, which became noticeable after January 2023.

They were not noticeable before . And it seemed that the war had no price. No, the war has a price, the speaker emphasized.

The stratification in Russia can turn into unpredictable consequences, Olevsky is convinced. One should take into account the number of weapons, people who lost their health and mentality in the war, clashes between elites and the division of property that will begin. Ukraine

  • Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov threatened Ukrainian partners that “all samples of NATO equipment will be destroyed.”
  • After the announcement of another military aid to Ukraine, Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov decided to threaten attacks on German territory. called their leadership “Nazis”.
  • Soloviev still screams about “8 years”, but he forgot that the new year had come. Apparently the propagandist hasn't been updated yet.

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