The war is moving into a positional phase – the Ministry of Internal Affairs explained why Ukraine won strategically


The war is moving into a positional phase – the Interior Ministry explained why Ukraine won strategically

Smirnov on the war in Ukraine/Channel 24 collage

The Interior Ministry says that strategically Ukraine has already won. However, do not rush and actively go on a counteroffensive, so as not to lose a lot of soldiers. The war begins to turn into positional war and develops gradually.

Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Rostislav Smirnov told Channel 24 about this.

He claims that strategically Ukraine has already won. “After all, it's not only about the front line, the war is also about the rear, resources and other things,” says the adviser.

In his opinion, victory is when you have resources, opportunities and more. “Then victory is inevitable. And in our case it is, we have already won strategically,” Smirnov said.

He gave the reasons for this:

  • “As long as we have the ability to mobilize, we have mobilized our troops.”
  • “We receive weapons every day. We have received lend-lease and other support from the US and the EU. And this continues.”

And Russia doesn't have that kind of opportunity. Because they use their supply, and there is nowhere to take it. No normal country will be able to officially trade with them. Russia does not have a full cycle of weapons manufacturing, etc., Smirnov said.

According to him, the occupiers fled from Kyiv, concentrated troops in the Donbass, but nothing conditionally terrible happened. and we are liberating settlements. Yes, the war has not ended, it will still be difficult and there will be many losses. But strategically, we definitely won,” the expert convinces.

The minister's adviser added that now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are partially on the counteroffensive, while the Russians are defending themselves. prospects, but we will do it gradually in order to save as many lives of our military as possible. At present, the war is moving into such a positional phase,” he explained.

Smirnov stressed that Ukraine has strategic plans, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready for anything, and our main task now is to inflict as much as possible more damage to the enemy.

“For if we quickly recapture our territories, then we will also become an easy target for the enemy. And if we move quickly, we will lose even more people. Therefore, now it is necessary to inflict critical losses on the enemy as much as possible“, – answered he.

Rostislav Smirnov said an important phrase that he recently heard – “In Ukraine, there is someone to fight, but nothing, and in Russia – there is something, but no one.”

“Today, our situation is already approximately equal. But soon we will prevail, both in armament and in the human factor. Therefore, the Russian troops will soon find out what lend-lease is,” summed up he.

Rostislav Smirnov: Ukraine has already won strategically

Intelligence has found that Russia is losing its resources in the war against Ukraine. The reserves of combat-ready BTGs have already been exhausted, so the aggressor country is conducting massive covert mobilization. New units are formed for the offensive from conscripts and mobilized men.

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