The war will not end quickly: what Putin can arrange in the fall


War will not end quickly: what can Putin arrange in the fall

The war will not end quickly: why Ukrainians should prepare for winter/Getty Images

Everyone should start getting ready for winter. I think that in the end there will be enough gas for heating this winter.


But we need to prepare for the fact that closer to the cold part of autumn, large thermal power plants and thermal power plants will become the main targets of Russian missile strikes.

Ukrainians must prepare

And, despite all the gigantic efforts to organize an effective missile defense system and even noticeable progress in this direction, it is usually impossible to guarantee that Russian attacks will not succeed.

< p class="bloquote cke-markup">It is clear that there are many things the authorities can do – heating points, water and food supplies, hot food preparation facilities. But all this will not be centrally available to everyone in all corners of the country at war.

And the second aspect is assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I think that in a month and a half there will be an urgent need for warm clothes and equipment for heating for the defense units on the front line (not so urgent, but there will be questions in professional teams).

I was surprised myself – how much was provided, but more is needed. But now I have seen and understand that, let's say, uniforms or shoes most often do not withstand one hard fight. After every major battle or maneuver, all or almost all of the unit's other assets (except personal weapons) are sometimes lost.

The war will not end quickly. We must prepare.

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