The web found confirmation that “we live in a simulation”

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The web found confirmation that

A blogger from the social network TikTok with the nickname catarroseco published a strange video, which many called “confirmation” of the theory of simulation of reality. The video received almost 1.5 million views, but some did not believe that it was a real video.

So, the Argentine showed the house and its reflection in the window opposite. Clouds were clearly visible in the reflection, but in reality they were not.

“Proof that we are living in a simulation. Explain where are the clouds? ” – she wrote in the description of the post.

Some viewers also thought it was oddity and proof of a simulation of reality, but others thought it was a camera angle. The fact is that the girl found it too low in relation to the house, agreed with the girl and counted, so she simply cannot see the clouds – they are located behind the building, and the reflection is at an angle.

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