The West can conduct covert negotiations with Russia: a political expert called the main sign


West may hold covert talks with Russia: political expert reveals main sign

Germany has finally agreed to provide Ukraine with Leopard tanks. Berlin's long indecisiveness may be due to nuclear threats from Russia and secret negotiations between the West and Russia.

About thisChannel 24said the head of the Center for Public Analytics “Tower” Valery Klochok. According to him, Russia specifically began to threaten Berlin in the fall of 2022.

What they want to negotiate with Russia

Valery Klochok said that after news that Germany was ready to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, Russian propagandists began to threaten Germany again, saying that it had become a party to the conflict and a kill zone for Russia.

Germany's opinion was not accidental. They have been thinking for a long time that the first blow that Russia can inflict will be precisely on Berlin. – said Klochok.

The analyst explained why the schedule for the supply of military aid is being delayed so much. In his opinion, Ukraine's Western partners maintain diplomatic relations with the terrorist country and set conditions for further steps in the war.

Valeriy Klochok believes that Russia is setting conditions under which it must withdraw its troops from Ukraine. If she refuses, then Ukraine will be supplied with all the necessary weapons to destroy them.

It can be said with a high degree of probability that Vladimir Putin and his entourage are not yet accepting such conditions from the West – to stop military aggression. These things are not published to the general public,” the analyst said.

Klochok noted that he was annoyed that this is how the situation develops and delivery schedules are too long, but the decision to transfer weapons is made not by Ukraine, but by other countries , although our diplomatic corps is also involved in this.

The analyst does not exclude that thanks to the supply of heavy weapons in Russia, new “goodwill gestures” will take place, as was the case earlier after the powerful missile attacks of Ukraine and the preparation of a counteroffensive.

Valery Klochok talks about secret negotiations between the West and Russia: watch the video

Is Berlin afraid of Russian threats

As Valeriy Klochok noted, Germany has previously publicly admitted that it is allegedly afraid of nuclear escalation and this is how it argued its refusal to help Ukraine. At the same time, according to Klochok, there is no real nuclear threat now, because John Bolton, adviser to former US President Donald Trump, said earlier that if Putin uses nuclear weapons, he will be physically destroyed.

According to analytics, the “red lines” that were constantly talked about in Russia have long been erased, and the war is going on according to a certain schedule.

As proof, Valery Klochok cites the example of Kirill Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, whose statements coincide with the real state of affairs in time intervals.

“At this stage, we will have an active development of events. There will be aviation of Western models, Soviet ones, which have long been ready even in Poland for transfer to Ukraine. They are simply telling Putin again and hinting: “Either everything that you have now collected will be destroyed, or you will climb in,” Klochok said.

How Russia is threatening with military aid to Ukraine

  • In connection with the latest news about the transfer of tanks to Ukraine, Russian propagandists began to hysteria literally in every show.
  • Vladimir Solovyov called Olaf Scholz and Annalena Burbock Nazis said that Germany had become a “legitimate target” for Russian strikes.
  • Mikhail Podolyak called Vladimir Solovyov and Sergei Mardan mentally ill because of their pride in what they did to the occupied and territories of Ukraine and their propensity for violence.

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