The West does not need this: could Ukraine eliminate Putin in Crimea or Mariupol


The West does not need this: could Ukraine eliminate Putin in Crimea or Mariupol

Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin visited the temporarily occupied Crimea and Mariupol. Netizens were immediately interested in whether Ukraine could eliminate the dictator.

It should be understood that there are not only military needs, but also a diplomatic front. Igor Chalenko, a political scientist and head of the Center for Analysis and Strategies, told Channel 24 about this.

The elimination of the dictator would provoke chaos

As Chalenko notes, there is a certain design in the world. Of course, we want the collapse of Russia, its division into safe parts that could coexist in the world and not pose a threat to Ukraine and the world. At the same time, now many countries want to continue the dialogue directly with Putin as the head of a nuclear state. Everyone is afraid of nuclear weapons and the consequences of their use.

The liquidation of Putin under these conditions could cause uncontrollable chaos. Western countries are now controlling the escalation in such a way as to prevent Russia from using nuclear weapons. Such steps could make certain adjustments to such plans, the political scientist suggests.

Of course, Putin is a criminal and will be punished. “I think that a separate international criminal tribunal dealing with Russia’s war crimes will still be created. Putin, along with his entourage and those who committed crimes against Ukraine, will receive legal punishment there,” Chalenko notes.

Putin will answer for all crimes

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak notes that today there is another scenario prescribed by the International Criminal Court. He said this on the air of a nationwide marathon.

Putin said goodbye to Crimea and Mariupol. He recorded his participation in all war crimes. It's not bad, – says Podolyak.

Podolyak notes that from the point of view of newsmaking, there is nothing in the visit. For us, for the course of the war, for propaganda narratives, it doesn't matter.

“After a year of war, the Russians understand that this is not what they wanted to see. They wanted to see this subject, who is marching along Khreshchatyk in three days. Today he is marching in Mariupol, waiting for the opportunity to march in The Hague,” the adviser to the OP stated.

Putin arrived at the scene of the crime: watch the video

What does visit mean

  • According to the President of Mariupol Television Nikolay Osichenko, the dictator's visit to Mariupol is a demonstrative gesture. Putin shows the land corridor, which is important to him.
  • In addition, this is a bad bell for the Donetsk team. Putin and his troops will cling to Mariupol with their teeth. According to the president of local television, they will fight there to the last Russian, there will be the most important battle of this war. “When Putin loses Mariupol, he will lose everything. Processes will begin inside his state, which he has been afraid of for a very long time,” says Osichenko.
  • Thus, Donetsk may be the next “good will gesture” for Putin. It is very difficult for him to hold such a line of collision. The most combat-ready force is the Wagner convicts, and they are running out. Therefore, probably, the occupiers will snuggle up.
  • It is symbolic that Putin drove into the building where they planned to make a tribunal over the Azov people, who were exchanged for his godfather. Many Mariupol residents unanimously say that the war criminals tribunal should be in Mariupol.
  • Osichenko notes: Mariupol is the quintessence of what Russia has been doing in our state for a long time. Our people, our soldiers, have been dying for 9 years. It is in that building, I really hope we will hold the trial,” the president of Mariupol television summed up.

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