The West has decided to end the story with Putin, – a political scientist on the supply of arms


The West decided to end the story with Putin, – political scientist on arms supplies

Western countries are increasing arms supplies to Ukraine. Obviously, the West, in the end, decided to end the story with Putin.

This opinion Channel 24 was voiced by political scientist Nikolai Davidyuk. In particular, the United States announced a new $2.5 billion military aid package to Ukraine.

The West decided to end the story with Putin

Davidyuk said that he had a feeling that the West had decided to end the story with Putin. Plus, complete it on the battlefield. Putin's story must end, so they began to increase tranches. In general, as they joke on the net, “Ramstein” will look like a Transcarpathian wedding.

Each relative will say what he gave and what he brought. Finns will read these letters 400 million, others – smoked pig and 2 billion, still others – something else. Everyone is proud that he brought a common victory. Ukrainians are the best couple of newlyweds, because they do not privatize this wedding, but say that this is a common holiday and victory,” the political scientist noted.

Davidyuk on arms supplies to Ukraine: watch the video

The Poles break through the window for tanks

He continued that the Poles are now fighting hard, and Duda is simply tearing apart the international space. It breaks through a window for tanks. Everyone slows down, and there are already jokes about Scholz, that this is the man who stops the tanks in the famous photo from Tiananmen Square 30 years ago.

“Although we see that the new Minister of Defense, who was suspected of a certain pro-Russianness, says that, perhaps, German tanks without American ones will leave. This will be a good decision. The situation is alive. It all depends on how we press diplomatically, how we will share this victory success story,” Davydyuk said.

According to him, Ukraine has a lot of opportunities here, a lot of work that we all need to do.

Military aid to Ukraine: breaking news

  • German Chancellor Olaf Scholz continues to slow down the transfer of Leopard tanks. Steinmeier decided to stand up for him and support the “cautious approach”.
  • Ukraine will receive 14 Leopard 2 tanks from Poland. At the Ramstein meeting, new assistance regarding tanks was announced.
  • Experts agree that the best option for Ukraine is American aircraft such as F-15 or F-16. Kyiv has long been declaring a desire to receive F-16s and in the Netherlands they announced their readiness to transfer fighters.

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