The West is afraid of Russia's weakness, – Piontkovsky explained why Ukraine is not given long-range missiles


The West is afraid of Russia's weakness, – Piontkovsky explained why Ukraine is not given long-range missiles

The West is supplying Ukraine with a lot of military aid to destroy the Russian invaders. However, our military is in dire need of long-range missiles in order to destroy the invaders' warehouses from a distance. However, the United States is delaying the supply of these weapons, probably because it fears Russian weakness.

The West fears Russian weakness

Andrey Piontkovsky, a Russian publicist and opposition politician, told Channel 24 about this. He says that the paradox is that the West is not afraid of the strength of Russia, but of its weakness.

According to him, more and more arguments in the discussion in the US administration are heard such as politiciansintimidated by the prospect of Russia's defeat – classic Russian strife and civil war over a vast territory.

Russia is not going anywhere. We will fulfill Zelensky’s plan, that is, Ukraine will restore its territorial integrity and reach the borders of 1991, but on the other side of the border there will be a huge country stuffed with nuclear weapons, dangerous industries and other things,” Piontkovsky explained.

He says there is a struggle within the Biden administration, but the US goal is to win Ukraine and weaken Russia to the point where it can never repeat such aggression.

Why the US doesn't provide long-range missiles

Oppositionist quoted a journalist who asked Joe Biden a question: “Mr. President, the United States kept saying that it was impossible to transfer Javelins to Ukraine, because this would provoke an escalation, then they said that it was impossible to transfer Stingers, HIMARS and even Patriot, but you are transferring everything. Since how long will you say ATACMS cannot be passed?”.

According to the politician, this shows the dynamics of the struggle within the Biden administration and that supporters of Ukraine constantly win these discussions and transfer weapons.

“Biden tried to slyly explain why long-range missiles are still not being handed over and tried to shift the responsibility to the Westand allies, they say, it is necessary to show the unity of the entire NATO and prevent a third world war,” Piontkovsky noted. p>

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The politician believes that this latest West barrier to ATACMS supplies will be overcome pretty fast.

I have reason for such optimism – this is the position of the UK. The British made it clear that if the United States had doubts with long-range missiles, then they were ready to carry out this mission, – Piontkovsky's statements.

According to him, Boris Johnson asked the Secretary of Defense whether Britain the opportunity to provide long-range missiles, to which he replied that yes, they have similar missiles, joint development with France,their range is up to 600 kilometers.

The politician noted that the British Minister of Defense on December 15 said that if these barbaric bombardments of Ukraine continue, they will consider transferring such weapons to Ukraine. And these massive missile attacks continue.

Can Ukraine get long-range missiles: in short

    < li role="presentation">Ukraine continues to ask international partners to provide ATACMS missiles. The speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yuriy Ignat, stressed that such weapons can be “a deterrent for the aggressor.”
  • Military expert, Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko noted that the United States does not provide Ukraine with ATACMS missiles from -for fear that Vladimir Putin would not use weapons of mass destruction.
  • Oleg Katkov, Editor-in-Chief of Defense Express, believes that the issues of ATACMS missiles are very politicized. According to a military expert, air-launched cruise missiles can become an alternative to ATACMS.

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