The West is developing “anti-panic” plans if Russia uses nuclear weapons – media


The West is developing

People around the world are getting ready for a possible nuclear strike from Russia. For this, countries in the West are already developing “anti-panic” plans.

Appropriate measures are being developed in order to prevent chaos and panic in the event of a possible nuclear strike on or near Ukraine. Despite the fact that a nuclear crisis is considered unlikely, officials are making plans to provide emergency support, as well as reassure the population.

Officers want to reassure people

One of the Western officials spoke about the preparation of the population at a briefing. He was asked whether they are preparing to prevent a panic buying or an exodus of people from cities.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, described developing “reasonable planning for a number of possible scenarios”. He also stressed that the possible use of nuclear weapons by an aggressor country is a disgusting move.

Western the official said that Putin's comments on the use of nuclear weapons are “deeply irresponsible”.After all, no country talks about nuclear weapons and strikes against them.

“Reasonable planning” was called somewhat infantile

General Secretary of the Company for Nuclear Disarmament Kate Hudson commented on the situation. She noted that “sensible planning” was inspired by the British government's Cold War “Protect and Survive” campaign. She was strongly condemned because she created the wrong impression of a nuclear threat. One of the methods of protection proposed in it is window staining, which has nothing to do with salvation. Last month, Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Adviser, spoke of “catastrophic consequences” for Russia in the event of a tactical nuclear strike. He stressed that the power of this attack is comparable to six or seven explosions in Hiroshima.

Note that the day before, the President's Office reported a “dramatic reduction in the nuclear threat” . The relevant information was reported by the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office Mikhail Podolyak. He noted that Russia knows what the consequences will be if it decides to take this step.

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