The West will go to Russia for a turnip: Putin struck with a new senile statement


The West will go to Russia for a turnip: Putin struck with a new senile statement

Vladimir Putin met with Russian businessmen in Russia. During the speech, several senile statements were made from the dictator.

Propaganda media actively cover the congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. 24 Channel has collected the most amazing statements of the Russian dictator.

Hungry Europe will eat Russian turnip

The Russian president struck with a new senile statement. Speaking to businessmen, he said that Europeans would have to travel to Russia for groceries.

The dictator claims that “the yield in Russia significantly exceeds European indicators,” and Westerners are supposedly advised to switch from lettuce and tomatoes to turnips.

Turnip is a good product, but you will probably have to come to us for it,” Putin said.

He argues that “Europe is not to blame” for this. The dictator explains this “low level of productivity” by bad weather, droughts and the lack of “quality fertilizer”.

Other senile statements by Putin

The dictator also distinguished himself with other insane statements. So, he says that Russia managed to compensate for the closure of Western markets, and “domestic business makes the life of Russians much better.”

In addition, Putin ridiculed businessmen about the role of sanctions. He said that the whole situation reminds him of the saying “Don't dig a hole for another – you yourself will fall into it.” But investments in the Russian economy, according to the dictator, will pay off 100 times.

Also, the “bunker” said that he was able to maintain good relations with “German friends”, but did not name names. In conclusion, Putin said that Russia now has “the best of the best” who can take the country to a new level.

What is known about Putin's health

  • Putin's health is getting more and more media attention. In addition to the lack of common sense, the Russian dictator also has physical problems. So, during a meeting with Kadyrov, they noticed Putin's strange behavior, as if he was “contorted from pain.” Sources say the president has stomach problems.
  • In addition, during his speech in February, public attention was riveted on the constant coughing of the dictator. Social media began to build various theories about Putin's health – from cancer to tuberculosis.
  • The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense claims that the Russian president is terminally ill with cancer. According to Budanov's forecasts, death can occur at any moment.

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