“The West will kneel”: Kadyrov continues to make the world laugh with his statements


Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov issued yet another batch of absurd statements. There is hardly anyone left who continues to take them seriously.

When asked about the possible resumption of flights with European countries, Kadyrov expressed his dreams of resuming cooperation with Europe. The presenterChannel 24suggested that the leader of Chechnya missed the European vacation.

During the war, Kadyrov was noted for gaining weight, announced the capture of Bakhmut, Lisichansk and Severodonetsk more than 50 times and did not deny himself a rest, because his plane was seen in warm regions.

Kadyrov's threats

Threats are still the main weapon of Putin's allies.

The war in Ukraine will end before the end of 2023. The West will kneel and the special operation is over,” Kadyrov said.

He also believes that all Western countries recognize the wrongness of their actions and will be forced to cooperate with Russia in all areas.

The Channel 24 presenter noted that the only Europe that Kadyrov can count on is a trip to a military tribunal in The Hague. After all, international investigators have already launched an investigation into the war crimes of Russians and all those involved.

Ramzan Kadyrov's statements: watch the video

Russian propaganda statements are beyond common sense

  • Putin's puppets began to threaten Poland with a “legitimate” strike on its airfields. Kadyrov also noted here that he was not averse to seizing Poland, but so far the Chechen dictator is only seizing social networks in order to write another nonsense.
  • Sergey Lavrov arrived in Iraq and once again began to whine allegedly “the West has been preparing Ukraine for years for hybrid war against Russia. Apparently, the visits to Africa did not bring much benefit, so Lavrov chose a new victim of his propaganda tactics.
  • Lavrov was noted in another recent statement. Putin's accomplices decided to threaten Moldova. In an interview with Dmitry Kiselev, Lavrov said that Moldova could become a new anti-Russian project after Ukraine.

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