The White House advised Ukraine to postpone the planned counteroffensive: the reason is weighty


The White House advised Ukraine to postpone the planned counteroffensive: there is a weighty reason

< p _ngcontent-sc181="" class="news-annotation">Ukraine is preparing for a counteroffensive. The White House urged not to rush into this, postponing the decision until later. We tell you what this advice is connected with.

A senior Biden administration official made the announcement on Friday, January 20. He noted that US officials are recommending that Ukraine refrain from launching a major offensive against Russian troops. The Ukrainian military was asked not to rush for obvious reasons. The point is that firstyou should wait for the necessary American weapons,as well as conducting exercises.

In a conversation with reporters, he emphasized the position of the United States. Washington continues to firmly refuse to transfer Abrams tanks to Ukraine.Recall that this is exactly what Germany requires in order to decide on the transfer of Leopard.

As for the counteroffensive, the official stressed thatsufficient attention should be paid to training first.We are talking about mastering Ukrainian the military of the latest weapons that will be handed over to the United States.

The White House is urged to provide tanks

A US Senate delegation has arrived in Ukraine, which includes Republican Lynsey Graham, Democrats Richard Blumenthal and Sheldon Whitehouse. They urged Washington to donate tanks to help hasten our nation's victory.

I'm tired of arguing over who will provide the tanks and when. The world order is at stake. Putin is trying to cross out the map of Europe with the help of armed force. To the Germans: give the Ukrainians tanks, because they need tanks. It is in your interest for Putin to be defeated in Ukraine,” Graham stressed.

He decided to make a clear appeal to the Biden administration. Graham stressed that our state needs Abrams tanks. After all, when Washington takes the appropriate decision, it will give an impetus to international partners to do the same.

Graham also noted that he would continue to call on both the Americans and Congress to provide other military assistance to Ukraine. We are talking about the means that will allow us to expel the Russian invaders from the territory of our state. We are talking about more Patriot air defense systems, tanks (let's start with at least one), as well as ATACAMS short-range ballistic missiles.

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