The White House fulfills its obligations, – Zhdanov explained why the new package of weapons from the United States is important


The White House is fulfilling its obligations, – Zhdanov explained why the new arms package from the US is important

The United States will provide Ukraine with a new $775 million defense support package for Ukraine. It will include ammunition for HIMARS, tens of thousands of artillery shells, and much more. Why the new weapon pack is important – read the article.

This Channel 24 was told by military expert Oleg Zhdanov. He believes that the White House is fulfilling its obligations, which he announced earlier.

According to him, the main issue is that we do not run out of ammunition . And this is the second aid pack containing mostly ammo.

“The AGM-88 HARM missiles were also in the previous assistance package from the United States. We have already used them in the south of Ukraine, in particular in the Kherson direction, thanks to which we” thinned “enemy air defenses and continue to destroy them with the help of these missiles,” Zhdanov said. .

He stressed that the Ukrainian Armed Forces adapted our MIG-29s to carry and launch these missiles.

And the most important thing in this assistance package is the first item – ammunition for HIMARS systems, the second item is no less important – 155-mm ammunition and the transfer to us of another division of L119 guns. These are the main points, Zhdanov noted.

A military expert noted that AGM-88 HARM missiles work exclusively on radar stations.

“Once these stations are activated, they are detected and they become a target for missiles. And even if these stations are turned off, the missiles still go to the point where the radar radiation was from,” he explained.

According to Zhdanov, the launch range of this missile is 150 kilometers, and it overcomes this distance in a matter of seconds. “And it's virtually impossible to shoot it down or dodge it. Especially the AGM-88 HARM missiles,” he added.

breaking news

  • The US has decided to provide a new $775 million defense package to Ukraine. According to media reports, it will include ammunition for HIMARS, tens of thousands of artillery shells, and much more.
  • In particular, it will include 36,000 artillery shells, additional howitzers, TOW anti-tank guided missiles and complexes for them, 15 Sky Eagle drones, mine-resistant vehicles, 1 thousand Javelins.
  • There is also a discussion about the supply of new types of weapons to Ukraine. This can significantly help change the situation on the battlefield. In particular, NASAMS, the latest air defense systems effective in air defense, may enter service with the Ukrainian army.

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