The White House has revealed the timing of Russia's “invasion” of Ukraine

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White House press secretary Psaki: Russia's “invasion” of Ukraine will begin in January

The White House has revealed the timing of Russia's

Jen Psaki. Photo: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki during the briefing revealed the possible timing of the so-called Russian invasion of Ukraine. Her words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

A representative of the US presidential administration, without providing evidence, indicated that this could begin in mid-January-February. “We are concerned that the Russian government is preparing an invasion,” Psaki said.

“This brings us back to 2014, including sabotage and information operations accusing Ukraine of preparing imminent attacks on Russian forces in eastern Ukraine and Russian military plans to start such activity weeks before the military invasion,” Psaki said.

She added that Moscow could allegedly fabricate a pretext for such an invasion.

On January 14, CNN published material according to which the United States has information that Russia has trained a special military group that will have to conduct a special operation in the Donbass under a false flag. The interlocutor of the TV channel said that the Russian military was trained in urban combat and the use of explosives.

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