The WHO thinks about the rejection of the version of the leak of coronavirus from the laboratory

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The WHO thinks about the rejection of the version of the leak of coronavirus from the laboratory

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), who have been researching the origin of the coronavirus, are thinking about abandoning the version, according to which the source of the spread of COVID-19 was a leak from the laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Reported by the Daily Mail.

As the newspaper notes, the official report with the results of the international investigation has not yet been published – it is expected that this will happen next week. However, Liang Wannian, head of a group of Chinese experts working with WHO, has already said that experts have unanimously recognized the version of the leak as “extremely unlikely.” According to him, further investigation in this direction can be continued only if new evidence appears.

The specialist added that the results of the investigation disclosed by him were obtained by reaching a consensus on this issue between Chinese scientists and WHO experts. He also stressed that the delay in publishing the report was not related to the alleged disagreements between the members of the research group. “We want to present a complete, accurate and scientific report of the highest standard, so this process will take some time,” he explained.

In February, the WHO called the most truthful version of the emergence of the coronavirus. As a member of the international group of specialists working under the auspices of WHO, Dr. Peter Dassak, suggested then, the virus could initially begin to spread in southern China, then in Southeast Asia, and bats were still carriers. In his opinion, it is this version that should be “paid the most attention.”

Before that, WHO experts doubted the timing of the start of the coronavirus pandemic. They believe the virus may have started spreading in China before December 2019, when it was officially announced. Prior to that, it was reported that members of the international mission worked out four versions of the transmission of coronavirus infection to humans – from an animal, an intermediate link, frozen foods, and also due to an incident in the laboratory.

At the same time, the United States said that they still allow the appearance of coronavirus in a laboratory in China. Washington did not agree with the statement of WHO specialists about the natural origin of the virus and said that US intelligence has information that Beijing was trying to hide the source of COVID-19 and its significance in the early stages of the spread of the infection.

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