The woman invented either rape or pregnancy: why did she do it

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The woman invented either rape or pregnancy: why did she do it

Now the woman is on trial.

In the US, an employee of Stanford University was arrested and accused of lying. The woman said she was allegedly raped twice on campus last year.

This writes CBS News.

“The employee has been identified as 25-year-old Jennifer Gris of Santa Clara, who is listed on the university website as the head of the housing service center. Santa Clara County Attorney's Office said Gris was arrested and charged with perjury and other charges “, the Prosecutor's Office said in a statement.

According to a press statement from the Office of the Attorney's Office, on August 9, 2022, Gris told a nurse from the forensic team at Stanford Hospital that she was raped in the restroom of Munger Residence Hall, describing the unknown assailant as a “20-year-old black man.” Gris reported that her assailant approached her as she was walking to her car parked in the garage, grabbed her, ordered her not to scream, and raped her.

Gris told the nurse that she did not want the police to contact her at this time, although she signed the consent form, acknowledging that the nurse is the authorized person to notify law enforcement.

On October 7, 2022, Gris again went to Stanford Hospital to undergo another rape examination, telling a nurse that she was returning from lunch to her office and an unidentified man grabbed her by the arm, forced her into a closet in the basement and raped her, it was reported. at the Prosecutor's Office. She described the rapist as a dark-skinned man, thin, young – about 20 years old, over 1.80 tall. Gris signed the consent form again, acknowledging that the nurse is the authorized person.

Prosecutors said an investigation by the Stanford Department of Public Safety found that Gris recently filed a sexual harassment complaint against a colleague that matches the description of the alleged rapist. Gris told a friend that she had a relationship with this man and allegedly experienced sexual abuse from him, becoming pregnant with twins. Gris also allegedly claimed to have suffered a miscarriage. The prosecutor's office said that the investigation showed that at that time she was not pregnant.

None of the results of the examination were consistent with the woman's stories, the Prosecutor's Office said.

The prosecutor's office said Gris filed twice testifying that she experienced sexual assault in order to obtain public money from the California Crime Victims Board. At the same time, the woman understood that she could be punished for false testimony.

Reports of rape sparked campus panic and riots.

In January, an investigator from the Office of the Prosecutor interrogated Gris, during which she wrote a letter of apology to the victim, whom she called her attacker.

Now the woman is on trial.

Recall that near Kiev, a man tried to rape a girl in the restroom of the mall.

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