The woman invested 1,500 rubles in the business and became a millionaire

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The woman invested 1,500 rubles in the business and became a millionaire

A resident of Great Britain invested 15 pounds (1,500 rubles) in business development and became a millionaire. A related story about how an Englishwoman made money from her hobby appeared on The Sun.

Kathryn Hall, 38, explained that in 2017 she was diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus begins to grow elsewhere. After the operation, the Englishwoman was shown bed rest, and out of boredom she decided to take up a new hobby.

In this regard, Hall purchased an old coffee table from an online store for 15 pounds (1,500 rubles), updated its appearance and sold it online for 90 pounds (nine thousand rubles). According to the woman, she was inspired and decided to open her own store. “By December 2017, I was able to quit my old job and devote myself entirely to business, selling various household goods,” the heroine of the material shared.

According to the publication, in 2019, the woman's client base grew significantly, after which she rented a 762 square meter space for her own office and hired several employees. “Now my income exceeds one million pounds (98.8 million rubles). It was difficult, but this whole path made me understand that nothing is impossible, ”she concluded.

Earlier in October, the couple lost their jobs, started a business with their last money, and got rich. Audrey Palupi, 20, and Jeremiah Dsuza, 22, said they were left without a livelihood during the coronavirus pandemic and were living on small government benefits. According to the girl, in quarantine, she began to paint shoes with paints out of boredom and publish the result on Instagram.

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