The world already feels that something big and decisive is brewing.


The world already feels that something big and decisive is brewing

A torrent of events that are unlikely to occur in the normal course of life has poured in. This suggests that something big and decisive is brewing. And people all over the world feel it.

Nuclear Horrors

As for the nuclear threat, in general, the impression is that a propagandistic carpet bombardment has begun.

Just the other day, a silent Russian nuclear submarine “disappeared”. Yes, and with the elusive nuclear drone “Poseidon” on board. And the under-empire is also preparing nuclear tests over the Black Sea. Or over the Bermuda Triangle. Or at the land borders of Ukraine, and for this a certain nuclear train, or motorcade, is moving towards Ukraine.

An empty epic with Mask

In addition, Elon Musk, who is clearly bored without Dmitry Rogozin, who was fired from Roskosmos, decided to hype on the resonant topic of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Hypanul successfully, although the image was ruined thoroughly. But now almost no one discusses the sale of Tesla, which turned out to be lower than planned, it is important for everyone what the richest man in the world thinks about war and peace in Ukraine. Which he understands even worse than women, judging by his close contacts with Amber Heard.

Again, Musk took another political technological step towards his run for the US presidency, distancing himself from both Democrats and Republicans at the same time. Yes, and from a civilized position at the same time.

Musk is a technocrat. Phenomena that cannot be quantified, such as fortitude, the will to win, self-organization and heroism, are of little importance to him. For him, numbers are more important, in particular, that the under-empire is three times more numerous than us. But after all, and five times more stupid! As for the aversion to voluntary slavery, in our country this exhibitor generally rests on the ceiling. Let Musk build Starships for humanity and provide Ukraine with Starlinks. We will decide the rest without him.

Physics vs. Propaganda

As for the nuclear threats exaggerated by the media, all submarines, going on combat duty, tend to get out of the control of the enemy, so turn on the low-noise mode, dive deeper, and so on. This is their standard functionality.

By the way, during the time of academician Sakharov, the underwater thermonuclear drone was abandoned not for reasons of humanism, but because of its inefficiency. They modeled it, and it turned out that no tsunami of 500 meters would work, it needs an earthquake with a serious movement of tectonic plates, and a nuclear charge is not enough for this, thank God.


But I still consider the probability of a demonstration nuclear explosion quite high. But not over the Black Sea or nearby – this is too much even for the Kremlin's crazy, because they will not get the expected result (negotiations with Ukraine on the Kremlin's terms), but there will be little consequences from NATO. Because NATO considers such a step an attack on itself. No, it is easier and more efficient to demonstrate nuclear intentions somewhere over a deserted area of ​​​​the world ocean or over the North Pole.

And such a development of events definitely has nothing to do with “nuclear trains” or even “thermonuclear bicycles”, if Russian propaganda will start scaring the world with them.

Meanwhile, near Kherson, our troops made a classic breakthrough of the front with attacking units entering to a depth of more than 30 kilometers. And in the Lisichansk direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine also nightmare the enemy. And these specific earthly things are much more important than invented global threats that we are not able to influence. And the successive victories of the Ukrainian army really bring peace and the collapse of the under-empire along with getting rid of most threats.

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