The worst catastrophe on Earth happened because of Siberia

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The worst catastrophe on Earth happened because of Siberia

Scientists have found that one of the worst catastrophes in the history of the Earth occurred due to the fault of Siberia. This was reported in the journal Nature Communications. A group of Chinese scientists from the University of Science and Technology, together with colleagues from Canada, the United States and Switzerland, found that the Permian extinction was caused by massive volcanic eruptions in Siberia.

The Permian extinction occurred 251 million years ago. Then on Earth about 90 percent of marine species and 75 percent of terrestrial species became extinct. Scientists analyzed the composition of sedimentary rocks in Canada and came to the conclusion that this extinction was provoked by a large volume of magma and the release of large amounts of aerosols.

All this happened 500 thousand years before the start of the mass extinction, but along with the magma, large-scale emissions of nickel occurred. This led to significant environmental disruption.

The increase in the concentration of nickel and the vigorous activity of microorganisms in the ocean led to the fact that there was practically no oxygen left in the seas, and dead zones were formed. Volcanic magmatism has resulted in the release of carbon dioxide and methane, as well as dramatic climate change and depletion of oxygen in the seas and oceans.

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