“The wounded heart of Mariupol”: a year ago, the Russians purposefully dropped a bomb on the drama theater


Exactly a year ago, the occupiers dropped a super-powerful air bomb on the premises of the drama theater, in which hundreds of Mariupol civilians were hiding. The invaders blatantly lied about their act.

The Russians could not help but know that civilians were hiding there, because at least the huge inscription “children” warned about this. Russian propaganda immediately declared that “Azov's headquarters” had been destroyed there. When it became clear who was in the theater, these publications began to be deleted. Channel 24 writes about this.

How many people died from the airstrike is unknown. After the tragedy, the Mariupol City Council announced about 300 dead. Other sources give twice the number of those killed.

Zelensky: We will not forgive the occupants for a single destroyed fate

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to the crimes of the Russian army on the anniversary of the tragedy.

“A year ago, Russia deliberately and brutally dropped a super-powerful bomb on the Drama Theater in the center of Mariupol. Near the building there was an inscription “Children”, which was impossible not to notice. Hundreds of people were hiding there from shelling,” the head of state said.

He stressed that Ukraine is doing everything to ensure the full responsibility of the terrorist state for what it has done.

“We will not forgive the occupiers for a single ruined fate. We remember everyone whose lives were taken by Russian terror,” Zelensky added.

Another crime of Russia against Ukraine: watch the video

According to various estimates, between 400 and 800 people died

Advisor to the mayor of Mariupol, Petr Andryushchenko, showed how the building looks now, cynically destroyed by Russian invaders. He stressed that from 400 to 800 people died from the vile act of the Russians.

“The bomb hit the back of the theater, where, including in the dressing rooms on the third floor, women with babies were placed. The same women who were transported from the bombed-out maternity hospital. But the same babies who were born immediately after the bombing,” Andryushchenko wrote.

He added that all the corpses from the rubble were exhumed and probably buried in mass graves in Stary Krym.

What the building of the Drama Theater in Mariupol looks like now: watch the video

Lubinets: Russian army hides its crime

The Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights Dmitry Lubinets stressed that “this act revealed to the entire world community the real, vile face of the aggressor country.” Therefore, now the Russian army is hiding its crime – dismantling the building in order to destroy evidence.

However, we will not forgive a single crime of the enemy. The perpetrators must be held accountable for all crimes,” he stressed.

Wounded heart of Mariupol

A photo of the destroyed drama theater was shown to the Mariupol City Council. “The wounded heart of Mariupol is the Drama Theatre. Photos that bring tears,” the message says.

The Mariupol Drama Theater was destroyed. The Russian invaders first dropped air bombs, and then began to dismantle what was left of the building and bury the bodies of the dead people from prying eyes, the department noted.

What the theater looks like now: see photos


In Ternopil, they honored the memory of those who died as a result of a brutal terrorist attack in Mariupol. Several dozen residents of Mariupol and Ternopil gathered near the city drama theater. Participants of the action created the inscription “Where are you”, and also brought lamps with them.

In addition to Ternopil, the action “Where are you” today planned to be held in seven other Ukrainian cities.

In Ternopil honored the memory of the victims: see photos

By the way. Lviv-based studio Skeiron, engaged in the digitization of cultural heritage, has created a 3-D model of the Mariupol Drama Theater as part of the #SaveUkrainianHeritage project.

3D model of the Drama Theater in Mariupol / Screenshot

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