The wreck of the first supersonic V-2 rocket found in the UK

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The wreck of the first supersonic V-2 rocket found in the UK

The wreck of the first supersonic V-2 rocket found in the UK

Archaeologists from Research Resource Archeology have unearthed wreckage of the V-2, the world's first supersonic missile, near Maidstone, UK. During World War II, Nazi Germany launched it into the United Kingdom. However, the rocket fell into a field without reaching its target, Live Science reports.

The rocket left a huge crater more than four meters deep and 11.5 meters wide. During the excavations, more than 800 kilograms of scrap metal were found, including fragments of the rocket's combustion chamber.

At the moment, researchers are cleaning and processing the found fragments in order to restore them to perfect condition. This could take more than a year, experts say.

Scientists hope they can recover the codes that were printed on the V-2. They will be able to show in which factory the missiles were made. So, archaeologists have already stated that some components of the rocket could be produced on the territory of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, and the turbo pumps for them – at the only plant in Austria.

According to the Imperial War Museum in London, the German army fired several thousand V-2 rockets during World War II. In Great Britain alone, they claimed the lives of about nine thousand people.

Also “V-2” is the first supersonic weapon. The approach of the missiles could not be heard, and they themselves flew so high and fast that they could not be intercepted.

Earlier in Germany, a former concentration camp guard appeared before the court, who is accused of involvement in the deaths of more than three and a half thousand prisoners.

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