Therapist advised how to survive a magnetic storm

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Therapist advised how to survive a magnetic storm

A strong magnetic storm is promised to the inhabitants of the Earth. People will feel its first impact on themselves on April 22, there may be malfunctions in the operation of electrical appliances, mobile devices, and health problems.

Tatyana Romanenko, the therapist of the highest category, noted that people with cardiovascular disorders, unstable blood pressure, obesity or disorders of the nervous system experience the worst magnetic storms.

“During periods of exposure to storms, they may complain of a deterioration in well-being, pressure drops, someone has weakness, increased fatigue,” the doctor tells Channel Five.

It is worth trying to minimize the negative impact on the body. To do this, it is worth reducing physical activity. Try to eliminate stressful situations, it is better to go to bed early and give up overtime.

Nutrition will play a big role. Do not overuse spicy, salty, smoked foods and tonic drinks.

– Remember that the nervous system is very sensitive to such influences. If a loved one suddenly changes his mood, he becomes more irritable, do not rush to be offended, – concluded the doctor.

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