There are 3 ships and a submarine in the Black Sea: they carry 28 missiles


There are 3 ships and a submarine in the Black Sea: they carry 28 missiles

There are 3 Russian ships in the Black Sea/armyinform

occupiers still keep 3 missile-carrying ships in the Black Sea. There is also a submarine equipped with “Caliber”.

In total, 28 missiles are on the ships. This was told by the head of the joint coordination press center of the defense forces of the South, Natalya Gumenyuk, at a briefing, channel 24 reports.

invaders will turn into “dead” – Bratchuk threatened Russian paratroopers

On a submarine – 4 missiles. Gumenyuk noted that there were no changes. In addition, there is 1 large landing ship on guard.

Do not ignore the alarm

Earlier, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, the Russian naval group continues to block the sea communications of Ukraine and conduct reconnaissance.

Due to the missile threat, it was recommended not to ignore the air raid.

The Ukrainian flag is on Serpentine

  • On June 30, the Ukrainian military reported that that after the next powerful blows, the Russian infidels fled from the Serpent's Island.
  • In Russia, this was confirmed, but the defeat was called a “gesture of good will” . They lied to demonstrate, they say, “they do not interfere with the export of grain from Ukraine.”
  • The invaders, escaping, burned documents and bypassed the territory. They then attacked the island with phosphorus shells. A few days later there was a second attack.
  • The island was cleared of the remnants of infidels. Already on July 4, they showed that the Ukrainian flag was flying on Serpentine.

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