There are a lot of requests for work, – Sadovy about the situation with migrants


A lot of requests for work, – Sadovy about the situation with migrants

Sadovy spoke about the situation with migrants in Lviv/Collage 24 channel

< strong _ngcontent-sc88="">From the first days of a full-scale war, Lviv became a real logistics center and sheltered people who were forced to leave their homes and run away from bombing and fighting. Many of them have already returned home.

The city continues to receive people

Today, Lviv receives about 150 thousand temporarily displaced persons. The mayor of the city, Andriy Sadovy, told Channel 24 about this.

According to him, unfortunately, some of the people who have taken refuge in Lviv simply have nowhere to return. Therefore, the city is trying to do everything possible to make everyone feel safe here.

Of course, we are waiting for government programs. If a person has lost their home, the government should provide funds to purchase this housing, Sadovyi said.

The mayor noted that now it is possible to buy housing in Lviv, since a large number of construction projects are at the final stage.

“Today, the headache for me is to provide Lviv residents with all possible services so that the city works normally, in particular, so that we were warm in autumn. This is a very difficult situation,” says the mayor of Lviv.

There is a demand for work in Lviv

However, Andriy Sadovyi noted that, in general, the city is coping with a big load, and there are pleasing aspects. For example, in Lvov, a large center for internally displaced persons was opened in the Lychakiv administration and 10 smaller branches based on the TsNAPs. All of them accept people, and many citizens who come from the East work there. They help those who apply to the centers and understand them not only from words.

The mayor also noted that many Ukrainians apply for work. According to him, this is a very good step, because when a person works, he earns, and, accordingly, he can rent housing, take care of himself and support the economy.

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