There are different Putins, this one got scared, – political scientist about changing the dictator's rhetoric


There are different Putins, this one got scared – political scientist about changing the dictator's rhetoric

During the year of the full-scale invasion of the Russian army in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has changed significantly. Recently, militant bravado has disappeared from the speeches of the Russian dictator.

About thisChannel 24political scientist Mykola Davidyuk said. In particular, the head of the Kremlin constantly changes entire wars in Ukraine and speaks in different moods.

According to Davidyuk, if you believe in the conspiracy theory about the existence of Putin's doubles, then it seems that one of the younger “clones” of the dictator seized power in Russia and controls all processes.

“Putin got scared and doesn't know where to hide”

The political scientist recalled that at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, Putin's speeches were tough and aggressive. Now the speeches of the Russian dictator look very strange.

In reality, there are different Putins. It's not about looks, it's about rhetoric. This Putin was scared. He doesn't know what to do or where to hide,” Davidyuk said.

He added that the recent speeches of the head of the Kremlin indicate that he understood the hopelessness of the situation in which he found himself. Although Putin is trying to drag out the war in Ukraine, there is no longer any militant pathos in his statements.

“Russia started the war with the thesis “we will eat you in 2-3 days,” and now it is manipulating the fact that, they say, The West will do with nuclear warheads when Russia collapses. Putin's bravado has gone down a thousand levels,” the political scientist stressed. .

Kyiv should offer the West a scenario for the future without Russia

Davidyuk believes that Ukraine should now offer the West a formula on how to put Russia on place.

We need to agree on how to put a straitjacket on Putin. However, first you need to find out whether the West really wants the collapse of Russia, the political scientist said.

According to him, some Western countries are afraid of this process, because they are afraid of nuclear weapons. Or they are not satisfied that they will not be able to buy gas and oil “from the same cash register”.

“Ukraine needs to offer the West an alternative future without Russia,” Davidyuk said.

Global geopolitical games

He added that if Western countries seek to end the war without the collapse of Russia, then a new component should be introduced into this process. According to the political scientist, Russia is trying to defend its position in the confrontation with the West through the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine is only interested in the withdrawal of Russian troops from our territory. If global games help us, we will play. But we will not allow global issues to be resolved at our expense. And we will definitely not be a buffer zone for Putin,” Davidyuk emphasized.

He added that Russia itself could become a buffer zone, for example, to sort things out between Europe and China. However, according to the political scientist, Ukraine is not interested in such processes.

Putin's strange behavior: briefly

  • As Russian opposition journalist Igor said Yakovenko, during the year of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, the situation in the Kremlin has changed. Vladimir Putin has lost control over many spheres in Russia.
  • Political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman noted that during the year of full-scale war, Putin's speeches have seriously degraded. According to Sheitelman, the Russian dictator is in 2 classes. The political consultant added that it is clear that Putin is a mentally unbalanced person.
  • Ukrainian intelligence reported that the head of the Kremlin was terminally ill. This affects his performance and psycho-emotional state.

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