There are “hawks” around Putin, – the professor explained how possible the rebellion in the Kremlin is


There are

A mutiny may occur in the Kremlin/Getty Images

Experts suggest that Vladimir Putin may be “acquired” by his entourage. A mutiny in the Kremlin is indeed possible, however, there are other scenarios.

Professor of political science at the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” Oleksiy Garan told about this.

In his opinion, perhaps there are more moderate people in the Russian leadership who understand that it would be nice to end the war in Ukraine and somehow get out of it. First of all, such people should be among business owners who lose money.

However, as the professor noted, it is not known exactly what will happen next. However, rebellion inside the Kremlin is theoretically quite possible.

There are “hawks” around Putin, such as Patrushev, he is convinced.

At the same time, it is likely that Vladimir Putin has surrounded himself with guards, so it will be impossible to “eliminate” him. In this case, Ukraine will have to live next to the Putin regime for some time.

What will happen if Putin is removed from power

Professor of Political Science at the Kiev National University -Mohyla Academy” also answered what would happen if Putin could be removed from power. According to him, there are also various possible scenarios here.

For example, there is a possible scenario of keeping the “hawks” in power – Putin's current entourage. However, a more flexible scenario for the development of events in Russia is possible.

We need to do our own thing. We cannot hope for Putin's entourage and a frightened Russian society,” he concluded.

Vladimir Putin may be removed: what you need to know

  • Richard Camp, ex-commander of the British Army, said that the West should not rule out the possibility of eliminating Putin.
  • He noted that Putin is a “constant and deadly threat” and his assassination could be “unpleasant” for some, however this will help save thousands of lives.
  • The British military is confident that NATO should consider all options for removing Putin from power.
  • A similar statement was made by the former head of British intelligence MI6, Christopher Steele.
  • He is convinced that Vladimir Putin will step aside from the leadership of the country. As a last resort, they will kill their own people.
  • In his opinion, it will be impossible to do business with Putin when the war against Ukraine is over.
  • Ex-head of British intelligence also expressed distrust of the head of Russia, because he doubts that the latter will not disrupt the peace agreements.
  • In his interview, Christopher Steele added that he could not imagine how Vladimir Putin would return to the international arena, so he would probably will kill.

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