There are hidden “opinion leaders” – a human rights activist told how Ukrainians are influenced by Russian propaganda


There are hidden "opinion leaders", – a human rights activist told how Russian propaganda affects Ukrainians

Before the full-scale invasion, Russian media had some influence on the Ukrainian population. This situation still exists, but now it is very limited.

This, in particular, is due to the fact that direct access to Russian media is blocked. This opinion Channel 24 was voiced by the co-coordinator of the human rights initiative “Lawmaker” Yuri Goncharenko.

How Russia is trying to convey its propaganda to Ukrainians

According to him, the “standard consumer” of Russian propaganda is not so educated as to find a way to access blocked resources. Ukrainian special services are also working to prevent this.

However, unfortunately, there are “relays” of Russian propaganda in Ukraine . For example, Anton Gura calls on men of military age not to fight and leave the territory of Ukraine, saying that this is a “war of the oligarchs”, “the world government wants to destroy the fraternal peoples.” In this way, he promotes Russian narratives.

It is because of such “leaders” of hidden thoughts that they (Russian propagandists – Channel 24) convey narratives, – the human rights activist noted.

He said that, unfortunately, some of these videos collect millions on Toktok and YouTube views and about 100 thousand shares on Facebook. They promote information that everything is bad in Ukraine at the front, there are no weapons, etc.

Goncharenko urged all Ukrainians to be very careful about such information and exclude emotions. “If the information really catches you – consider if this is what the message is designed for. And, secondly, check,” the human rights activist emphasized.

Goncharenko explained how Russia is trying to convey its narratives to Ukrainians: watch the video

The latest nonsensical statements of Russian propagandists: in short

  • In the Stavropol Territory in Russia, a Kinzhal missile fell right on people. The propagandists said it was a “Ukrainian drone.” Before the version that it was a UFO still sounded.
  • Russian resources dispersed reports on the evening of September 14 that Ukrainian troops were landing in the occupied Kherson region.
  • The well-known Kremlin propagandist Margarita Simonyan, who talked about the “big retreat”, which provides for a second offensive, decided to voice how she sees the future of Ukraine and Russia… Like, it's best for our countries to stay in the common past.
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