There are many inconsistencies, – political scientist about the scandal in the Ministry of Defense with products for the Armed Forces of Ukraine


There are many inconsistencies, – political scientist about the scandal in the Ministry of Defense with products for the Armed Forces of Ukraine< /p>

A scandal erupted in Ukraine over defense procurement of products for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense said that an official check is being carried out. However, the department stressed that the published information has signs of manipulation and is misleading.

On January 24, it became known that Deputy Defense Minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov resigned. It was he who was responsible for the logistics of the Ukrainian army. According to political scientist Igor Reiterovich, this resignation took place in the context of a media scandal. Someone had to be responsible for this. The political scientist said this in an exclusive stream on Channel 24.

Why there was a powerful media explosion

According to Reiterovich, the key problem is the lack of prompt and effective communication. For more than a day, the ministry was silent, although it was possible to start explaining in a few hours when this information appeared – that would be a completely different story. In the end, Alexey Reznikov had to explain everything.

This is, at least, official negligence. In a war, all this should happen differently. The way our military informs us about what is happening at the front – clearly, specifically, several times a day, by trained speakers who know how to do it, go on the air on channels and give answers to the questions of the presenters, – the political scientist notes.

In the case of the Ministry of Defense, it happened that there was a failure in communication, a very big wave arose, and when they began to sort out the case, there really were some questions. However, they could be solved in a completely different way. Since this did not happen, someone had to be punished.

The minister said that his deputy decided to leave, demonstrating European standards and principles for dealing with such issues. From a formal point of view, it looked correct and even informationally beautiful. Reiterovich is convinced.

Thus, part of the image was preserved. The political scientist believes that we will not see any criminal cases against representatives of the Ministry of Defense. First, they came to the Verkhovna Rada, talked to the deputies and gave exhaustive answers. In the future, we need to draw conclusions and respond more quickly to emerging issues.

“I heard terrible rumors that have already been refuted, so be it, almost that a criminal case could be initiated against a journalist. This is absolutely “Unacceptable. He was doing his job. Like it or not, you need to communicate with journalists a little differently. Unfortunately, the ministry did not do this,” Reiterovich assures.

The information could have been leaked for the purpose of discrediting

Reznikov said that the person who “leaked” the information should bear responsibility. It is assumed that such a publication could be beneficial to someone, especially in view of the fact that the investigators did not fully responsibly submit information – infographics disappeared from the article for some reason. Such stuffing, of course, plays into the hands of the Kremlin. It is enough to open Russian publics and read how they gave this information. Like, corruption is rampant, money is being eaten away.

“They are idiots, they perverted everything and only made it worse. It is clear that the Russians clung to this topic. I doubt that this was provoked by some Russian agents. They simply took advantage of the situation,” the political scientist assures.

Scandal in the Ministry of Defense/How Russia uses it: watch the video

As Reiterovich notes, some of this information could indeed be leaked. An interesting question arises: who is this person who leaked? This is to some extent classified information. “I am inclined to look for internal moments, because we have a lot of people who are interested in putting their man on the post of minister,” says Reiterovich. They believe that this is a very “bread” place, allowing you to operate with huge sums and so on.

From a moral point of view, this looks terrible. It is one thing when you are engaged in intrigues and some kind of undercover politics when there is no war, and another when it happens during the war, the political scientist emphasizes.

This can be beneficial to people, he adds, who believe that Reznikov represents the group of interests that is largely oriented towards the head of the President's Office. There is a certain logic in this, because Andriy Yermak heads several commissions – both on the future format of international relations and on military-technical assistance. He and the Minister of Defense work in tandem.

“Perhaps these people believe that Mr. Yermak has become too strong, and people who are somehow affiliated with him should be removed,” Reiterovich suggests. They want to put their man and get something out of it. Such persons, the political scientist emphasizes, exist within the authorities.

Let's be direct: our Minister of Defense is in the right place. He does his best, we see these results. Everything that depends on the Ministry of Defense, he tries to do as quickly as possible, – the political scientist notes.

Therefore, such stories can be aimed at making the minister incompetent. The goal is to achieve any changes in the power block. Reiterovich added: the minister could have signed the final document, which included the total amount, not for four regions, but for all.

For the minister, such a media outburst is an additional reason to conduct an investigation so that similar incidents do not recur in the future. “There are many inconsistencies. It is clear that this information was leaked very specifically with the aim of discrediting it,” summed up Igor Reiterovich.

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