There are more problems than good: the Pentagon explained why Abrams will not be transferred to Ukraine now


More problems than good: the Pentagon explained why Ukraine will not transfer Abrams now

Ukraine is caught in a vicious circle on the issue related to the transfer of tanks. Germany Leopard is ready to give when the US sends their Abrams. But the Pentagon explained why it makes no sense.

During the briefing, Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh explained the agency's position. According to her, there are no plans to transfer Abrams tanks to Ukraine yet. And there is a good reason for this.

Ukraine will not receive Abrams soon

According to her, Ukraine will not receive American Abrams tanks yet. The reason for this is the difficulty in maintaining this type of military vehicles.

Abrams is more of a maintenance issue. I mean, this is a tank that needs special fuel, while the Leopard and Challenger have a different engine, they need a diesel, they are a little easier to maintain, she said.

According to her, the German and British tanks have more ability to maneuver over large swathes of ground. Abramswill need to refuel more often.

At the same time, Singh recalled thatthe United States will transfer the Bradley BMP to Ukraine.In addition, she added, the country continues to push international partners so that they do not delay the transfer of equipment and everything necessary for the defenders of Ukraine.

Note that the Pentagon is forced to comment again on the transfer of Abrams through Germany's unwillingness to transfer Leopard to Ukraine. Germany continues to insist that it is ready to do this when our state receives tanks from the United States.

Everyone is waiting for Scholz to make up his mind

  • Thus, the day before, the German chancellor remarked that he was allegedly ready to finally provide Ukraine with Leopard. But he named the only condition. Like, this will be possible only on the condition that the battle tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will first receive from the United States. He emphasized this during a telephone conversation with Biden.
  • The US reaction was not long in coming. The White House spokeswoman voiced the position of President Joe Biden. He is convinced that each state or partner must independently make the appropriate decision. With these words, he hinted that Germany should not expect what Washington will say.
  • Recall that the Bundestag failed the vote on providing Ukraine with Leopard battle tanks.

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