There are no appropriate funds: the Air Force spoke about the difficulties in shooting down ballistic missiles



Russia continues missile terror against Ukraine. However, the invaders also use ballistic missiles for attacks, which are difficult and sometimes almost impossible to counter our air defense forces.

Yuri Ignat, speaker of the Air Force, spoke about this on the air of the national telethon. according to him, Ukraine still does not have the means to detect and shoot down ballistic missiles.

What are the difficulties in identifying and shooting down ballistics

Yuriy Ignat noted that Ukraine does not have the means to shoot down the Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, since these missiles fly at high speed along a ballistic trajectory.

There is no such means that can detect and shoot down such ultra-fast Dagger missiles. This is a missile flying in a ballistic trajectory. The MiG-31 delivers it to the upper layers of the atmosphere, launches it there, and it is already flying and descending on the target with great speed. – Ignat explained.

However, the situation is the same with Kh-22 missiles launched from Tu-22M aircraft. These rockets fly at speeds up to 5,000 kilometers per hour. Yuri Ignat noted that the air defense forces have only 40 seconds to shoot down this target, which is extremely short. According to the representative of the Air Force, such missiles can only be shot down by an anti-aircraft automatic system that will detect and destroy such a target, for example, Patriot and SAMP-T.

The enemy hit Ukraine with “Daggers”

On January 26, the invaders once again launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine, launching 55 missiles. The air defense forces managed to destroy 47 targets. During this attack, the enemy used Kh-47 Kinzhal missiles, which were launched from 2 MiG-31 aircraft.

The invaders also used Kh-101, Kh-555, Caliber and Kh-49 missiles. The enemy hit the facilities of the energy system of Ukraine, which is why a number of regions have a difficult situation with electricity supply.

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