There are no places in hotels or hostels – Sadovy on the situation with IDPs in Lviv


There are no places in hotels or hostels – Sadovy about the situation with IDPs in Lviv

What is the situation with IDPs in Lviv/Channel 24

Millions of Ukrainians have had to leave their homes to move to safety due to Russia's war with Ukraine. However, in some cities the situation with migrants is almost critical.

In particular, in Lviv there is almost nowhere to place them. Mayor Andrei Sadovy spoke about the situation with internally displaced persons on Channel 24.

According to him, the situation is complicated. More than 200,000 citizens of our country are now physically in Lviv, who fled from shelling and moved from other regions.

There is not a single free place in hotels or hostels , nor in apartments. Tens of thousands of people live at home with Lviv residents, mostly free of charge, Sadovyi emphasized.

Some people live in schools, theaters, and gyms. However, the city authorities understand that it is impossible to live that long.

So, they have already reserved the appropriate sites in order to start building temporary cottages.

Help. As of March 24, 231,000 internally displaced persons were sheltered in Lviv. This is official data, the real figure is much higher, said the head of the Lviv regional military administration Maxim Kozitsky.

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