There are no results, – the ex-KGB officer suggested what to expect from Russia by the anniversary of the invasion


No results, – ex-KGB officer suggested what to expect from Russia by the anniversary of the invasion

Exactly one month later, it will be a year since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. However, the occupiers do not have any significant success, so the Ukrainians probably need to prepare for new attacks.

In addition, on January 11, personnel rotation took place in the Russian military command. Sergey Zhirnov, an ex-employee of the KGB and the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia, told about this Channel 24.

What to expect from Russia on the anniversary of the invasion

Thus, Serhiy Surovikin was replaced as the head of the occupation group in Ukraine by Valery Gerasimov. Therefore, the latter must show results in order to prove the expediency of this appointment.

In addition, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is a symbolist. However, the problem here is not only in the head of the Kremlin, but also in the fact that February 24 will be the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, and the occupiers have no results.

We need to show some results, but there are none yet, – said the ex-employee of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

In his opinion, the Russian invaders will try to do something. For example, our fighters will be more actively bombarded with newly mobilized ones.

Zhirnov suggested what to expect from Russia on the anniversary of the invasion: watch the video

Russia may be preparing a “symbolic” nuclear strike against Ukraine

Recently, air defense systems have been installed on the roofs of buildings in the center of the Russian capital and not far from Putin's residence. According to Zhirnov, the opinion is spreading that Russia can shell Moscow on its own and blame Ukraine for it. Further, the Russians can say that they should use nuclear weapons “in response”.

This option is not ruled out, the ex-KGB officer noted.

On February 24, 2022, Putin gave the order to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and already on February 27, he started talking about a “nuclear button”. Since that time, nuclear threats have been heard both from official representatives of the aggressor country and from propagandists.

“They understand that they cannot defeat Ukraine with conventional weapons on the battlefield, so there is only a” nuclear button “, – explained the former employee of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

“A nuclear strike on Ukraine will be the end of Russia”

However, the Russians have already lost this opportunity, because these threats worked until April-May 2022. If Putin launched a “symbolic” tactical nuclear strike on Ukraine, the West warned that there would be corresponding consequences. We are talking about the destruction of all Russian armed forces on the territory of Ukraine and the Black Sea Fleet.

On the other hand, China and India warned the head of the Kremlin that in this case they would stop buying Russian energy.

It is clear that this (tactical nuclear strike – Channel 24) is a terrible thing, but it will not the end of Ukraine and Ukrainians.However, this is for sure will be the end of the Putin regime and Putin's Russia,” Zhirnov summed up.

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