There are not enough forces for offensive operations, – Chernik spoke about the potential of Russians in the East


There are not enough forces for offensive operations, – Chernik spoke about the potential of Russians in the East

The Russians do not yet have the potential for large offensive operations in Eastern Ukraine. They do not have enough strength and means for this.

Military expert Petr Chernik told Channel 24 about this. According to him, the occupiers cannot carry out a large-scale offensive operation in this direction.

Ukrainians have found the pain points of the Russians

Chernik notes that 95% of this war is an artillery battle. The Ukrainian military was able to put pressure on the pain points of the Russians and partly solve the problem.

Endless cotton in their ammunition depots, command posts and communication centers significantly reduces the potential of Russian infidels, Chernik noted.

However, there is also negative news. the occupiers stopped at the captured lines and set up defensive fortifications there. Therefore, it will be difficult to knock out the invaders from the occupied territories. They can literally arrange large artillery ramparts, which so far have nothing to overcome.

In order to achieve parity, we need to increase the quality of weapons. This process is underway. But, in my opinion, it will still be quite long, – Chernik emphasized.

What is the situation in Donbass: the main thing

  • In the Slavic directionInfidels were shelling from artillery and MLRS in the area of ​​the Valley, Dubrovnoye and Krasnopolye. Near Novaya Dmitrovka, the invaders conducted aerial reconnaissance. Also, in order to prevent the Ukrainian military, they deployed an electronic warfare complex in this direction.
  • In the Kramatorsk direction, the enemy fired artillery at the territories of Sidorov, Verkhnekamensky, Razdolevka and Kalenikov. Also, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to repel an attack by infidels near Hryhorovka.
  • In the direction of Bakhmut the infidels fired at the positions of Ukrainian troops near Bakhmut, Vesela Dolina, Zaitsev and Kodema. There were strikes against enemy aircraft in the area of ​​Zaitsevo and Soledar. the Russians tried to advance in the directions of Soledar, Zaitsev and Mayorsk, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the attack.
  • In the Avdiivka direction the invaders used cannon, rocket artillery and tanks to attack civilian and military infrastructure near Vodiane, Pervomaisky, Krasnogorovka, Zhelezny and Novobakhmutovka. There were air strikes near Maryinka and Valentinovka. They also tried to advance near Nevelskoye, but the Ukrainian Armed Forces repulsed the attack.

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