There are talks in Russia about moving the capital inland, – Danilov


There are talks in Russia about moving the capital inland, - Danilov

In Russia, they assure that the war against Ukraine “is going according to plan.” However, apparently, this plan also includes reflections on the transfer of the capital from Moscow inland.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexei Danilov said on the air of the national telethon that such a scenario is already being discussed in Russia. This is part of the collapse of the under-empire.

The collapse of Russia is inevitable

Alexei Danilov is firmly convinced that the process of the collapse of Russia has already begun. And in the Kremlin, according to him, this is well understood. Therefore, now they are talking about moving the capital of the country inland.

Russia is fragmenting, Russia will not be within those limits (currently existing – Channel 24), and it is already impossible to stop this process. If Hitler himself, by the name of Putin, begins to talk about this process, then keep in mind that this will continue to happen. They are already talking about moving the capital deep into Russia, and many other processes are already underway,” Danilov said.

The Kremlin's reaction was not long in coming.

In Russia, they reacted quite quickly to the statement of Alexei Danilov. It was commented on by the mouthpiece of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, who completely rejected the words about the transfer of the capital of Russia.

Statements coming from Ukraine about the alleged transfer of the capital deep into Russia are not true, says Peskov.

Everything would be fine, but believing the words of Peskov is far from the best idea. If we recall how, a few days before the partial mobilization in Russia, he convinced that this would definitely not happen, then we can expect that in a week he will announce the transfer of the capital somewhere to Omsk. It will not go to Vladivostok, because, obviously, China has its own plans for it.

Historical reference! Moscow has been the capital of Russia since 1918. Prior to this, for almost 2 centuries, the capital was St. Petersburg, which Emperor Peter I built and named after himself and made the main city of the Russian Empire.

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