There are three cards up his sleeve: what else can Putin do?


Three tricks up his sleeve: what else Putin can do

< p _ngcontent-sc90="" class="news-annotation">The US ex-intelligence officer believes that the Russians still have a lot of tricks up their sleeve. And it's not just nuclear weapons.

Retired US Military Counterintelligence Special Agent David Debatto in an interview with Channel 24noted that Russia has huge stocks of Soviet weapons. And it will last for a long time.

Russia can bomb Ukraine continuously for several weeks

Yes, the weapons that Russia has will run out sooner or later. However, as Debatto noted, it is enough to make the life of Ukrainians mournful.

The Russians still have a lot of cards up their sleeve, with the exception of nuclear weapons, let's not kid ourselves, they have huge stockpiles of Soviet weapons, not endless, of course, but they are enough to make the life of Ukrainians rather mournful, they can bomb constantly for several weeks. but then it's all over. And here they will do nothing, because there will simply be no place to get weapons from, he said.

Russia has several countries that support it and which it can turn to for help. We are talking about Iran and North Korea. However, the US ex-intelligence officer noted that “if someone turns to the DPRK for help, it means that he is on his knees.”

And while Putin is in power, they they will not give up, but they have no other choice but to give up, because the whole world is essentially against them, with sanctions and so on, and for Putin there is no other way out at all. Even if he uses tactical nuclear weapons, things will get much worse. For Russia, the only way out is to surrender or lose,” said David Debatto.

On the topic – an interview with ex-US intelligence officer David Debatto: watch the video

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