There are two features – Podolyak intrigued by the results of “Ramstein-10”


There are two features - Podolyak intrigued by the results of

The tenth meeting of the defense ministers of the Rammstein allied countries was held on March 15 in an online format. From the point of view of our partners' understanding of various aspects of the war in Ukraine, it was the most concrete.

This opinion was expressed by Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak to Channel 24 . According to him, “Rammstein-10” had 2 features.

What is the peculiarity of “Rammstein-10”

So, first of all, it is about prioritization , that is, what Ukraine needs here and today. And also – specifics from each country, how much and what it will provide just within the limits of prioritization.

Podolyak said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine need the following weapons:

  • Shells of heavy calibers. You need a lot of them to accumulate and use 5-10 thousand daily. Moreover, they need to accumulate enough that Ukraine could move in 4 directions.

By the way, as part of the report by Oleksiy Reznikov to the President of Ukraine, it was said which country and how much is ready to provide us with these shells, taking into account the production, which has already been accelerated in some states, – said the adviser to the head of the OPU.

  • Missiles of a certain range , including more than 100 kilometers. This is even priority number 1 in terms of what Russia is doing by accumulating a certain resource over a long distance.
  • Repair bases and logistics centers for the completion of armored vehicles and sending already prepared to Ukraine. Thus, each country can additionally increase the number of armored vehicles or take part in equipping repair centers not only on the territory of Ukraine. Ukraine also has logistics hubs in other countries. Some partners have taken the initiative to take on this role.
  • Increase the number of training centers to prepare our military for different types of weapons.

Podolyak stressed that now this is the key for our state. Our partners joined Ramstein-10 with specific proposals on the number of weapons and schedules for their delivery to Ukraine.

Podolyak on the results of “Ramstein-10”: watch the video

“From the point of view of logistics, understanding the stage of the war, Ukraine's priorities and the possibilities of military-industrial production, it was the most specific Rammstein,” the adviser to the head of the OPU summed up.

Note that the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov said that he was pleased with the outcome of the meeting. Aleksey Reznikov said that the meeting on March 15 inspires optimism. Read more about the results of “Ramstein-10” here.

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