There are two scenarios – Sheitelman suggested whether Putin will live to see the trial in The Hague


There are two scenarios - Sheitelman suggested whether Putin will live to see the trial in The Hague

On March 17, 2023, the International Criminal Court in The Hague issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin. Now there are two scenarios regarding the future of the Kremlin dictator, in particular, whether he will live to see the trial.

Political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman told Channel 24 about this. According to him, certain categories of the Russian population have realized that their future is rather illusory and that, first of all, the Kremlin dictator must be handed over.

Putin's arrest warrant hits two categories

The political strategist noted that The New York Times was the best report on how the situation inside Russia has changed. They noticed that until the aggressor country fulfills the warrant for Putin's arrest, it is impossible to remove sanctions from it.

Therefore, according to him, deputies, industrialists and entrepreneurs in Russia will now understand that all hopes for the lifting of sanctions have now dissipated. After all, first you need to hand over those for whom the warrant of the International Criminal Court has been issued.

I think it also affected the oligarchs, who tried to use their lobbying efforts to lift the sanctions now. Sheitelman said.

He noted that, of course, Russians who support Putin will be outraged. And for those who were more or less against the war, this will strengthen their confidence in their rightness.

Therefore, two categories, I think, are affected, – said the political strategist.

We are talking, in his opinion, about the bureaucratic-oligarchic elite, who realized that everything would have to hand over Putin and build something new, as well as passive opponents of the war.

Will Putin rise in the dock?

He believes that the likelihood that Putin will end up in the dock is very small. After all, Saddam Hussein was brought to trial, but for this, American troops had to capture Baghdad.

I have little faith in the capture of Moscow by American troops,” Sheitelman said.

As for Slobodan Milosevic, the political strategist recalled, he was extradited. At the same time, he was not dangerous to the new elites of Yugoslavia, that is, they were not afraid that Milosevic would tell anything.

It seems to me that in Russia the next regime after Putin will be from people from his current environment. They definitely do not need Putin to tell the truth about their participation in this war,” the political strategist emphasized.

Because Sheitelman does not believe that Putin will live to see the trial. There are two most likely scenarios – either he will be killed by his own people, or the Kremlin dictator will quietly get the presidency, never leaving Russia again.

Note! After the issuance of an arrest warrant, it is dangerous for the Russian dictator to visit 123 countries of the world. Putin's next trip to the “risk zone” is scheduled for August 2023 – for a summit in South Africa.

More about the ISS warrant for Putin's arrest: essentials

  • On March 17, the International Criminal Court in The Hague issued international warrants for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as children's rights commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova. They are suspected of illegal forced transfer of Ukrainian children. Ukraine may demand the arrest of Putin and Lvovo-Belova in the territory of those countries that recognize the decision of the international criminal court.
  • The Foreign Ministry of the terrorist countries immediately reacted. Maria Zakharova, the speaker of the Russian Foreign Ministry, was able to put together two words. She stated that the decision of the International Criminal Court for a terrorist country does not matter.
  • President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that this order is a historical moment from which historical responsibility begins. US President Joe Biden said the warrant for Putin's arrest is “a very strong argument.”

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