There are two types of occupiers, – the activist said what the Russians are doing now in the Kherson region


There are two types of occupiers, – the activist said what the Russians are doing now in the Kherson region

In the Kherson region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively destroying the Russian invaders. In the regional center itself at this time there are occupiers, which can be divided into two types.

About this Channel 24said Kherson activist Vladimir Molchanov. According to him, the invaders are engaged in looting, the purpose of which is quite often civilian transport.

What are the two types of infidels in Kherson

Molchanov said that among the occupiers directly based in Kherson, there are two types of Russian military.

The first is anti-aircraft gunners, that is, air defense services, which are mainly located in industrial areas, especially on Quarantine Island, but not only, he said.

According to the activist, they track and fire at Ukrainian missiles and rockets , which, as a rule, successfully reach and destroy Russian crossings. Also, they have already begun to pay attention to the Russian air defenses located in Kherson.

The second part is the main one. These are various Russian punishers, primarily the so-called Russian Guard, as well as the FSB. They are engaged in control over the occupied territory and the population, searching for weapons depots on camera,” Molchanov said.

He noted that the infidels now have the main idea that weapons depots are located in garages. Therefore, they break into garages, if they find a car, they simply take it away.

The activist noted that civil transport for the occupiers is now a fairly common target for looting. After all, the Russians believe that this way they are disguised from any strikes, for example, from Ukrainian drones.

What else are the invaders doing in the Kherson region

Molchanov noted that the Russians in Kherson are also gradually entering the abandoned apartments. They started it back in April from prestigious houses, where they occupied up to dozens of apartments for the families of senior officers. Then they gradually try to occupy less prestigious houses.

Why is this being done? Their location is known, they understand it. Therefore, all Kherson hotels, for example, occupied by the Russians, have either already been destroyed or will be destroyed sooner or later. The same applies to office premises and industrial zones,” the activist emphasized.

He added that Russian officers are allegedly trying to dissolve, but at the same time they are not dependent on being among Ukrainian civilians.


Because, Molchanov explained, the fate of the Tamilin collaborator, who was blown up right in her apartment, perfectly showed them that the flight from the mass location to individual apartments would simply lead to death in a slightly different way.

Pay attention! The Russian military retreated from their positions in Kiselevka near Kherson towards the Dnieper River. The American Institute for the Study of War noted that this settlement is strategically important, because it is from here that the enemy would prevent the Armed Forces from entering the regional center from the northwest.

The situation in the Kherson region : latest news

  • Amid the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian military flee from the occupied Kherson region. In the direction of the occupied Crimea, there is an intensive movement of Russian military buses on buses.
  • Over the past 2 weeks, the Ukrainian military fired about 500 square kilometers in the Kherson region. The defense forces de-occupied many settlements.
  • The Russian invaders in the temporarily occupied Kherson placed their barracks in the building of the territorial recruitment center. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the military base of infidels.

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