There are witnesses – Amnesty International denied the lies of the militants about the drama theater in Mariupol


There are witnesses, – Amnesty International denied the militants' lies about the Mariupol Drama Theater

Miteva denied the Russians' lies about the “bombing” of the Mariupol Drama Theater/Channel 24 Collage

The leaders of pseudo-republics in Donbass say that the drama theater in Mariupol was blown up from the inside. However, the experts denied the lies of the militants and confirmed that the building had indeed been destroyed by Russian military air bombs. This organization conducted its own investigation and proved that there were two deliberate airstrikes on the drama theater in Mariupol.

Fakes of kafirs about “undermining” the drama theater

The other day, the head of the Prosecutor General's Office in the occupied Donetsk region, Kutsurubenko, said that the drama theater in Mariupol was blown up from the inside , and while clearing its rubble, the remains of 14 dead were found.

Miteva says that similar reports have already been heard the day before, even after the airstrikes themselves. Such statements were also voiced in the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“You have to understand that the messages of the pseudo-republic in the Donbass and Russia are part of propaganda. For almost every powerful air or missile strike, they come up with fakes and their own” versions, “she replied.

According to her, it is in this version of the allegedly planted explosives in the Mariupol Drama Theater that it was “layed” by the fighters of the Azov regiment . But the researchers denied everything.

Amnesty International denies militant lies

They took statements from over 50 people, most of them in the drama theater at the time of the airstrike.

No one there reported seeing anything similar or some kind of “planted explosives.” But, for you to understand, it is imperceptibly impossible to lay explosives of this magnitude, – Miteva noted.

Moreover, as the expert noted, only 500-kilogram bombs could have caused such consequences and the destruction of the building. ” If there had been an explosion from the inside, the destruction would have been different “, she added.

Miteva said that the Azov fighters were indeed in the drama theater, they filmed a video of how they brought food and water.

“But they were there on March 10, a few days before the Russian attack, and they weren't there at the time of the strike. Our researchers have completely refuted this version,” she said.

Miteva denied the Russians' lies about the “undermining” of the Mariupol Drama Theater:

Invaders carried out an air strike on the Mariupol Drama Theatre

  • On March 16, the Russian invaders carried out an air strike on the Mariupol Drama Theatre. Then in the shelter there were, according to various sources, from 500 to 1200 people. No one still knows how many of them died.
  • By that time, Mariupol had been surrounded for about two weeks. The Russian occupiers now control the city and hide the number of victims. They dismantled all the rubble from the building of the drama theater, and buried the dead in mass graves.
  • “The dead are buried under nameless numbers in a mass grave in Mangush. If there is a greater war crime against humanity in the 21st century, then I don't know what Fury. Just fury,” Petr Andryushchenko noted.
  • The Russian Colonel-General and head of the Russian National Defense Control Center Mikhail Mizintsev is considered responsible for the siege and destruction of Mariupol. It is he who is called the “Mariupol Butcher”.

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