There can be no attack on Nikolaev, we are only talking about the liberation of Kherson, – Khlan


There can be no attack on Nikolaev, we are only talking about the liberation of Kherson, – Khlan

Hlan about whether an attack on Nikolaev is possible

Russian invaders began to accumulate their forces in the South of Ukraine. In particular, the invaders claim that they are allegedly preparing for an attack on Nikolayev.


On the possible plans of the enemy to capture Nikolaev Channel 24 told the military territorial defense, deputy of the Kherson Regional Council Sergei Khlan. In his opinion, such statements by the Russians are only an element of the information-psychological operation (IPSO). that talk of an attack on Mykolaiv has nothing to do with reality.

The fact that they (the Russians – Channel 24) are preparing a counteroffensive against Nikolaev is an absolute fake. There can be no counteroffensive against Nikolaev. Our armed forces are very powerful. We can only talk about the dismissal of Kherson,” said the deputy of the Kherson Regional Council.

According to him, the only purpose of such statements by the Russians is to intimidate Ukrainians and divert the attention of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the counteroffensive in the Kherson region.

< h2 class="news-subtitle cke-markup">Does the enemy have resources to attack

The military terrorist stressed that the invaders are now acutely short of resources. All thanks to the consistent and accurate work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“On August 3, 1 stronghold and 1 ammunition depot of infidels were destroyed in the Chernobaevka area. Aviation also launched airstrikes near Blagodatny and Pravdino,” he said.

Therefore, according to Khlan, the statements of infidels about their intention to attack Nikolaev are unrealistic for 2 reasons.

  • The infidels do not have the strength and means for any offensive actions.
  • Thanks to the strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the bridges in Kherson, the enemy's logistical routes have been disrupted. Russians cannot bring ammunition or military equipment to the right bank of the Dnieper.

They cannot even now replenish what our Armed Forces are destroying,” the deputy emphasized Kherson Regional Council.

“Occupiers need to prepare to escape”

At the same time, the Russians continue to terrorize Mykolaiv with constant shelling.

“They are shelling Mykolaiv chaotically, and specifically the residential areas where civilians live. These are horrific war crimes of the Russian Federation. This is the only thing they able “, – said Hlan.

He added that the morale of the Russians is very blown.

They see how their ammunition depots are “minus” both along the front line and in the rear. The occupiers understand that they will not stay here for long. Whatever they say, they need to prepare to escape from our land,” said the deputy of the Kherson Regional Council.

Sergey Khlan spoke about the lies of the Russians: watch the video

The situation in Nikolaev: latest news

  • On the night of August 4, the Russians launched a massive attack on Nikolaev. The aggressor's troops shelled the city with Smerch-type multiple launch rocket systems. As reported in OK “South”, private houses and the central avenue of the city were under massive fire of infidels.
  • The SBU in Nikolaev detained a fire spotter who worked for Russia. With the help of groups in social networks, as well as in instant messengers, he sent the data of certain objects to the enemy. In particular, he told the Russians exactly where the military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was located.
  • The head of the Nikolaev OVA, Vitaly Kim, noted on August 3 that the enemy was trying to create the impression that there was a disaster in the regional center, and the authorities were doing nothing. However, as Kim assured, it is inactive for the Nikolaev residents.

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