There is a chance that this avalanche will fly faster: Reznikov predicted the dismissal of Ukraine


There is a chance that this avalanche will fly faster: Reznikov predicted the dismissal of Ukraine< /p>

Aleksey Reznikov explained how the liberation of the Ukrainian land is going on. The Minister of Defense said that there is a chance that this avalanche will fly faster.

In particular, because the Russians “will falter one line of defense, and it will crumble.” This statement was made by the Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in an interview on September 10, but he did not name a specific time frame for dismissal.

Reznikov commented on the liberation of Ukraine from invaders

Aleksey Reznikov said that we are defending our country, our family and our land, we have a completely different morality than the Russians. After all, we have no other option, we must survive as a nation, people, country and people.

And therefore, I am convinced that a few more successes at the front as certain, albeit insignificant, but victories, when the Russian troops will flee, and they will, believe me, because today we are destroying their supply chains, warehouses and so on. And the question arises: where does he go? And the morale… it will be like an avalanche, one line of defense will waver, and it will fall down, – the minister explained.

Aleksey Reznikov recalled how the Russians had enough riveting to withdraw their troops and flee from Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to squeeze them out there.

Although the invaders called it an “act of goodwill”, because they understood that they there will be an end.

“There is nothing to feed them, refuel tanks, because we cut their chains. The same thing is happening now with the use of high-precision artillery and equipment, so there is such a chance that this avalanche will fly faster,” – Aleksey Reznikov assured.

The minister said what scenario we need to exit the war

Commenting on the likely scenario for exiting the war, the minister assured: “…If we talk about the model for ending this war with the victory of Ukraine, then only with serious partners and a serious understanding of the security architecture for Ukraine in the future.”

The minister recalled two Chechen wars, when after the first they signed a settlement agreement, but the Kremlin attacked Chechnya again two years later.

It is worth recalling that as of On September 9, according to the American Institute for the Study of War, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already fired 2,500 kilometers in the Kharkiv region.


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