There is a hit, but the vast majority of missiles were shot down: why the exact number is not announced



The Russian military attacked Ukraine on January 26th. It is known that the vast majority of enemy missiles were shot down. But, unfortunately, there were some hits.

This was told by the speaker of OK “South” Natalya Gumenyuk during a briefing, Channel 24 reports. She also explained why the exact number of missiles that were shot down today, January 26, is not announced.

Why the number of missiles is not announced

According Gumenyuk,the hit was recorded in the Vinnitsa and Odessa regions. In addition, the monitoring of the situation continues. The air defense forces continue to carefully study the directions in which the enemy can deliver new strikes.

Also, the speaker of OK “South” stressed that “the absolute majority of the missiles that were launched were destroyed by air defense.” However, the exact number is not yet known. And there are good reasons for this.

We are not yet naming specific results, because there may still be new launches, Gumenyuk emphasized.

She noted that there is still danger as a result of a massive missile attack. Recall that the enemy attacked both from the air and from the sea.

“The enemy's goal is a man-made disaster, they aim at critical infrastructure,” she added.

According to Gumenyuk , in the morning they recorded a grouping in the Black Sea, numbering 11 Russian ships. Among them are 3 launch vehicles, of which one is underwater.

20 Caliber missiles were deployed and prepared to take part in this missile attack. We know that missiles were launched from the sea, their number is being counted,” Gumenyuk emphasized.

Three Calibers were shot down over Odesa region

Maxim Marchenko, head of the Odesa OVA, said this. According to him, air defense units over the region managed to shoot down three Caliber missiles. He added that, fortunately, there were no casualties.

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